A Day in the Life

A Day In the Life Since most of my days are unremarkable, I decided to document one. This is my average Tuesday; 4:00 wake up from the roosters, roll over and go back to sleep 6:00 actually wake up 6:15 get out of bed, boil water, and add water to the filter for drinking water for the day 6:30 eat breakfast of oatmeal, green tea, and an apple 7:00 yoga 8:10 take my 20l bucket to fill at the tap for water 8:30 heat water on the stove for a bath, brush teeth, wash face etc then take a bath-by bath I mean kneeling over a basin while splashing lukewarm water around 8:50 walk to charge my computer 9:00 2 more trips for water 9:15 laundry-hand wash with a bar of lye, dump the water, rinse, and hang to dry outside, repeat until everything is clean 11:00 cook lunch of rice and lentils 11:30 eat lunch and read for a little 12:00 wash dishes 12:30 walk to get my computer back 12:45 read prep material for a workshop on Friday 13:00 sit outside with my host siblings 14:00 visit my neighbor who had a baby last week 15:00 prep and pack for grass root soccer practice tomorrow 16:30 make and eat dinner of instant soup and popcorn 17:00 read in my hammock until the sun sets 17:30 suns down-in for the night 18:00 put on a movie and knit until bedtime captions: sunset on the hammock typical lunch

Some of my Swazi Family

Some of my Swazi Family

3 of my Swazi moms

2 of my Swazi moms


1 thought on “A Day in the Life

  1. HI Maggie,Thanks for the “Day in the Life” post. Someday you will look back and cherish the days of not muchto do. My life seems to get busier instead of quieter each year. It was picnic day at Nan’s on Sat.Jill, Hilary, Lindsay, Uncle John and myself went. I had just gotten the post card for Nana the day before.So we all got to see it and read it. Thanks so much. Lindsay is so excited about visiting you! She had abeautiful beaded necklace that you had sent. On Oct. 12 Jill is going to run the Chicago Marathon.Uncle Tom, myself and Jill’s boyfriend Paul are going down to Chicago with her on Sat. We’ll watch andmeet her at the end on Sun. We are staying at the Felix Hotel which is one block form Lindsay’s.So hopefully we can all go to dinner on Sat. night. If I have things straight, you will have less than a year to go in the PC after Lindsay leaves. That hasto sound pretty good. You have shown us all so much strength this past year plus. Is there anything I cansend? Please let me know. We all miss you and look forward to your return. Love,Aunt Jane

    Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2014 02:52:21 +0000 To: janeschrimpf@hotmail.com

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