Mailing Address

I love getting mail!  If you would like to send me a card or letter please feel free to mail anything to me at the address below.  I have to travel 4 hours on a bus to get my mail and so while I love getting packages, anything too big will be hard for me to carry back on the bus.  If you want to mail me some goodies, padded envelopes and really small flat rate boxes are good sizes that allow me to carry items in my backpack on my way home.

Maggie Becker, PCV

PO Box 2797

Mbabane, Swaziland



Also, feel free to e-mail me!  I generally am able to check my e-mail about once a week and love getting updates from back home.



2 thoughts on “Mailing Address

  1. Hello,

    My name is Diana, I’m nineteen, from Illinois. I’m currently studying in my second year at Waterford in Mbabane. I’m part of an anti-human trafficking group here at school that is just getting off the ground and looking for ways to get involved with the community.

    If you know where/with who/how we could get involved, or if you have any contacts that you think we should try instead, please contact let us know at . Thank you so much for racking your brain for us! Looking forward hearing back, hope you’ll grow (or you’ve grown, I suppose) to love Swaziland as much as I have!


  2. Hi Maggie

    Sisekelo Dlamini here. I am a Swazi from Waterford currently studying in Mauritius.

    I am trying to understand Swaziland. I realise that even as a ‘claimed’ Swazi, I still do not understand who we are and how we think.

    I would love to pick your brain on this and your experience of the Swazi people.



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